Four Ways to Enjoy Aperitifs

We get it – aperitifs are not the easiest beverages to understand. Technically they're modestly alcoholic aromatic wines, delicately infused with herbs, roots, and fruits. You may think of them as the rinse in your Martini, the sweetness in your Manhattan, or the bitterness in your Negroni. Though these may be some of the most common ways to enjoy vermouths and amari, there are so many other ways to experience them.

So if you’re feeling apprehensive about aperitifs, here are four of our favorite ways to enjoy Lo-Fi:

  • Straight –  Chill the bottle or pour it over ice. We suggest 3 oz. for the perfect pour.
  • Sparkling – 2 oz. of Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth topped with sparkling wine.
  • Simple – 2 oz. Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro topped with ginger beer or soda, garnished with lime.
  • Complex – Use Lo-Fi Vermouth and Amaro in all of your favorite cocktails, from Martinis and Manhattans to Negronis and Spritzes.