One Cocktail 3 Ways With 3 Local Ciders

The Lo-Fi Extra Dry is one of our go-to simple serve cocktails. In just two pours you're presented with a refreshingly effervescent cocktail that combines the sweetness of apple cider and hints of fennel, cardamom, and anise delivered by Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth. In the spirit of cider season, we sought out to find our favorite ciders in the three cities Lo-Fi Aperitifs are enjoyed: San Francisco, New York, & Philadelphia.

Try the Lo-Fi Extra Dry three ways, with three different local ciders:


2 oz Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth

Top with dry apple cider

Build over ice in glass and lightly stir to mix. Garnish with apple slices or lemon wedge.


Classic Dry

Sebastopol, CA: Golden State Cider Co - Mighty Dry

When we first created the Lo-Fi Extra Dry cocktail, we used Golden State's Mighty Dry. It's a perfectly balanced "champagne-like" cider, that's both crisp and dry, with the slightest touch of sweetness. If you're looking to enjoy a simple and straight forward version of this cocktail – crack open a Mighty Dry.



Philadelphia, PA: Commonwealth Ciders - Gregarious Ginger

Commonwealth Ciders are famously dry, so when the cidery added lemongrass and ginger to this recipe, the outcome was tongue-tingling. This zesty cider is nicely balanced by the chamomile in Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth, but it will still clear up those sinuses, so get ready for some spice.



Newburgh, NY: Graft Cider - Farm Flor

For a cocktail that's a bit more earthy, Graft's Farm Flor is the way to go. Their rustic cider is an unfiltered recipe that's fermented with wild yeast, which yeilds a dry and sour cider with a bit of "funk". We loved Farm Flor because it adds a greath deal of warmth and depth to the Lo-Fi Extra Dry, making it perfect for the season.