The Lo-Fi Guide To Low ABV Cocktails

Spritz? Shandy? Shim? There are all kinds of low-ABV cocktails that go by many names, but the best ones have a few key elements in common. First off, they’re not too sweet. A good low-ABV cocktail isn’t overpowering and typically leans toward subtle flavors and an overall light, dry, or crisp profile, resulting in a refreshing drink.

They often contain bubbles (whether they’re from sparkling wine or simply soda) and/or aperitifs like Lo-Fi. Aperitifs are designed to open up the appetite, and contain less alcohol than your typical base spirit.

This appetite-priming quality, combined with a level of alcohol that allows for consuming a few drinks over a long period of time, makes low-ABV cocktails perfect for daytime occasions — especially those involving food and friends. It’s less about the cocktail and more about the vibe.

Brunch, lunch, and happy hour (we prefer “Aperitif Hour”) are where the low-ABV cocktail shines. These drinks pair well with food, and won’t wipe you out for the day. The simplicity of the low-ABV cocktail brings the pleasure of socializing to the forefront, letting you enjoy great food and conversation without having to make a complicated drink for your guests

One of our favorite low-ABV cocktails is the spritz. A common sight in European cafés during aperitif hour, the spritz has recently gained popularity in the US, with some bars and restaurants even dedicating a whole section of the menu to these sparkling drinks.

The Lo-Fi Spritz makes it easy: 3 steps, 3 ingredients, one perfectly simple cocktail. Mix and match Lo-Fi variants, sparkling wine, and garnishes to create your ideal spritz.

  1. In a wine glass over ice, add 2 oz of Lo-Fi (Sweet, Dry, or Gentian),
  2. Then 3 oz of sparkling wine (Champagne! Prosecco! Rosé! Vinho Verde! The choice is yours, just keep it dry and bubbly)
  3. Top with 1 oz of soda and your choice of garnish.

Want to start with one of our favorites? Try a Lo-Sé Spritz: 2 oz Lo-Fi Gentian, 3 oz Sparkling Rose, 1 oz soda, garnished with a slice of grapefruit.