Lo-Fi × Corsa Co: 3 soda spritzes to mix up

As Californians, we're always on the lookout for great, nautral products made in our home state! We teamed up with Corsa Co. to create these 3 soda spritzes, perfect for laidback sipping.


California Orange:

3 oz Corsa Co. Spritz Soda

2 oz Lo-Fi Dry Vermouth

1 oz sparkling wine

Orange slice & (California) olive


Lime in the Kola:

3 oz Corsa Co. Kola Soda

2 oz Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth

1 oz sparkling wine

Lime garnish


Pink Cays:

3 oz Corsa Co. Cays Soda

2 oz Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro

1 oz sparking wine

Drop of saline

Grapefruit slice