Simple Amaro Cocktails

It’s safe to say that everybody and their Italian brother has heard of (if not sipped on) an amaro. Since the quintessential Italian herbal liqueur found its way to the US from Europe, it’s become a cocktail menu essential, featured in classics from the Negroni to the Americano to the brunch table staple sipper itself – the Spritz.

Despite that popularity, the modern American drinker can find the idea of mixing a drink with the (traditionally) bitter liqueur at home a bit intimidating.

Don’t freak out. The following three no-brainer Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro serves prove that adding pink to your drink is a lot easier than you may…ahem…think.


Lo-Fi Spritz

Perfect for: your mother, who just learned what a Spritz is.

Pink and bubbly are flavors, right?

If there’s a cocktail classic for every taste, it’s the Spritz. Light, refreshing, and low ABV, the bittersweet, floral hibiscus notes of Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro are lengthened by prosecco, intensified by added carbonation, and brightened by a citrus garnish for a laid-back, all-American take on an Italian classic, no fancy European vacation required.



2 oz sparkling wine

2 oz Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro

Splash of soda

Grapefruit slice garnish

Build in a white wine glass over ice and garnish with a grapefruit slice.


Pink & Smoky

Perfect for: your friend who is into wellness, but mostly into crystals

One part Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro and one part Joven Mezcal, the Pink+Smoky proves that less may just be more after all.

A 50/50 serve has never tasted so complex: floral and juicy upfront with hints of grapefruit and orange oil-inspired citrus, the warm anise and ginger flavors of Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro pair perfectly with the uniquely arid smokiness of Joven mezcal for a drink that tastes like effort, but is really just Lo-Fi.



1 part Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro

1 part Joven Mazcal

Build in a rocks glass over ice.


Pink Beer

Perfect for: your craft beer-loving brother

The addition of Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro to a nice light lager is enough to break anyone out of their same-old, same-old beer routine.

With its bittersweet and juicy character, Amaro pairs well with the malty, caramely flavor of most lagers. Pro tip? For a drink that will have you seeing (and sipping!) pink, start with the recipe below and adjust the ratio to your taste.



1 oz Lo-Fi Gentian Amaro

1 lager beer (bottle or draft)

Pour Lo-Fi directly into beer.